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Monday, January 2, 2012

Black Sheep Ancestors

Happy New Year everyone. Let's hope this is the year when we leap some brick walls and finish the projects we have in mind - write the book, create the timeline, or scan and ID all the photos.

One of genealogies first maxims is: "You are not responsible for your ancestor's actions." Sit back and relax. You may find a pirate in your family tree, but who really cares at this time and date.

In fact, there is a great website for those of us with shady characters in our tree - http://www.blacksheepancestors.com/. To quote the site's webmaster, "Here you will find prison records and insane asylum records for the US as well as genealogical prison records for the UK. You will also find numerous links to historical court records, execution records and biographies of famous outlaws & famous criminals across the US, UK and Canada." If you click on 'Prisoners and Convict Search' under the UK heading, you will find some Australian transportees. 

There really is a section of 'Pirate and Buccaneer Biographies.' Clicking on Blackbeard takes you to the Colonial Williamsburg website. www.blacksheepancestors.com is certainly worth some of your research time.

An old favorite has a Prisoner and Convict secton- www.cyndislist.com/prisons.htm. There is a subhead 'United Kingdom and Ireland' and another 'Poorhouses and Poverty' under which you will find 'The Poor Law, Work Houses, Poor Houses and Poor House Unions in the UK.'

In this new year, I will be writing some posts about poor laws in England before 1834. Watch this blog.

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