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Monday, October 3, 2011

UK Genealogical Magazines Available

Staying in touch with what is happening in UK research from the United States or Canada is challenging. In a previous post, I mentioned the UK Family Tree Magazine that I found at Barnes and Noble for $11.99. Now I will tell you about the other magazines I found there.

One was Who Do You Think You Are? which is coordinated and promotes the original BBC version of the U.S. television program. Its website is www.whodoyouthinkyouare.com , and it has background stories about the celebrities that are featured on the show plus tabs for ‘getting started’ and ‘going further.’  The U.S. cost per copy is $9.99 at the bookstore. A thirteen issue subscription can be purchased online for £67.50 (pounds), a savings but still a big investment.
The story is the same for the other magazines I researched. Family History Monthly is $10.99 at the store and a U.S. subscription is £65.00 per year. You can sign up for a free email newsletter at their website, www.familyhistorymonthly.com where you will find tabs for: in this issue, getting started, 100 top tips, Q & A, back issues and surnames.  This magazine bills itself as a family and social history publication.

I finished my search with the most expensive, Your Family History at $15.99. Its subscription price is £60.00 for twelve issues. You can scope out its offerings online at www.your-familyhistory.com. The current issue is only #19. I am not sure if that is meaningful or not.

Several issues on the newsstand now had CDs attached. Generally, they seemed to take an area of the country, such as South Yorkshire, and have parish records from one place, census for one year from another town, and cemetery monument inscriptions from yet another. Certainly, this is an added bonus, but the data rather hit or miss.

Lastly, for comparison, Family Tree Maker (U.S.), Internet Genealogist, and Family Chronicle (Canada) all sell at a bookshop for about $7.00.

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